IU General Education Core Requirements

Indiana University has adopted a specific General Education Core that all students must complete prior to graduation with either an associate or a baccalaureate degree. This coursework is aligned with the Indiana Statewide Transferable General Education Core competency domains and once completed, will transfer to any Indiana state funded educational institution.

It is important to note that the General Education Core does not add to, subtract from, or change any requirements for a specific major. Students need to work closely with an academic advisor to determine what relationship, if any, exists between requirements for the general education core and requirements for a specific major.

Click on the link below to find the general education core breakdown for your specific campus:

Bloomington (PDF, >1MB)
Fort Wayne (PDF, >1MB)
Gary (PDF, >1MB)
Indianapolis (PDF, >1MB)
South Bend (PDF, >1MB)

If you are pursuing a Labor Studies degree on an IU campus not listed above, contact Craig Campbell for details on the general education common core coursework for your campus.

Craig Campbell, ccampbe5@iupui.edu, 800-822-4743