Minor in Labor Studies

The Labor Studies Minor (the less restrictive minor) requires completion of 15 credits hours in Labor Studies, including

  • 6 credit hours in core courses (100-200 level Labor Studies courses, except L199, L290, and L299), to provide students with a foundation for further specialization in areas relevant to their individual career interests.
  • 9 credit hours may be drawn from a broad range of additional Labor Studies courses, to be selected in consultation with Labor Studies faculty. 

The above (less restrictive) minor is not approved for College of Arts and Sciences majors at IU Bloomington. The following LS minor is for COAS majors:

Labor Studies Minor for Liberal Arts

15 credits

including 6 cr. from the following:

L100 Unions and Collective Bargaining

L101 American Labor History

L110 Labor and Society

L200 Employment Law

L201 Labor Law

L203 Labor and the Political System

L205 Contemporary Labor Problems

L230 Labor and the Economy

and 9 cr. from the following:

L314 Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

L315 The Organization of Work  (Students may substitute SOC-S315 Work Occupations)

L375 Comparative Labor Movements

L380 Theories of the Labor Movement

L385 Class, Race, Gender, and Work

L390 Topics in Labor Studies (topics vary; consult faculty advisor)

L480 Senior Seminar or Readings