Lectures by economist Nancy Folbre


Nancy Folbre, recently retired from the Economics Department of the University of Massachusetts, is an economist of feminine labor and “care” work. She is a pioneer in the economics of gender and the recipient of the MacArther Foundation “Genius” grant.  Folbre explores the intersections of political economy and feminist theory with a focus on measurement and valuation of family care work.

Professor Folbre is probably best known for her book The Invisible Heart, in which she analyzes society’s invisible cooperative labor with families and competitive self-interested pursuits within labor markets and the changing balance between these two spheres.  In recent years, restrictions relegating women and girls to (unpaid and paid) care work has given way, and a world of alternatives has opened up for some, while another group of mainly women is channeled into low-paid care for the growing numbers of young, infirm and elderly in need of it.

Tentatively Patten lectures on the topics of “The Political Economy of Gendered Systems,” which would discuss important developments in feminist theory, and “Accounting for Care: For Love and Money," on research in progress regarding the valuation of unpaid work).
Contact: Indermohan Virk, ivirk@indiana.edu

When November 10 and 13 at 7:30 pm