"The Next American Revolution” – Talk by Gar Alperovitz


"The Next American Revolution” – Talk by Gar Alperovitz

Gar Alperovitz is one the world’s preeminent progressive labor historians and activists. A professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland, he has written several critically acclaimed books, published articles in countless magazines, been a guest on numerous network TV and cable news programs, and testified before many congressional committees. Dr Alperovitz advocates for the democratization of the economy and the establishment of a democratic, equal, and ecologically sustainable society beyond capitalism. His books include What then must we do: Straight talk about the next American Revolution and America beyond capitalism: Reclaiming our wealth, our liberty, and our democracy. He led the first modern attempt at worker ownership in the steel industry in Youngstown, Ohio, and is a founding principal of the Democracy Collaborative. This research institute develops practical, policy-focused, and systematic paths towards ecologically sustainable, community-oriented change and the democratization of wealth.

Contact: Marta Shocket, mshocket@indiana.edu

When Thursday, December 3

Where: TBD