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We offer a Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies, Associate of Science in Labor Studies, Certificate in Labor Studies, and Minor in Labor Studies.
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IUPUI Commencement Ceremony 2015

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Congratulations to the 2015 Graduates!

The Department of Labor Studies is proud of your accomplishment.
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LSTU-L  100  Survey of Unions and Collective Bargaining

3 Credit Hour Online Course

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LSTU-L  314  Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace

3 Credit Hour Online Course

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LSTU-L  205  Contemporary Labor Problems

3 Credit Hour Online Course

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LSTU-L  495  Directed Labor Study

1-6 Credit Hour Online Course

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Career Opportunities Include

  • Affirmative Action Coordinator
  • Arbitrator
  • Compensation Manager
  • Conciliator
  • Dispute Resolution Specialist
  • EEO Representative
  • Employee Benefits Manager
  • Employee Relations Representative
  • Employee Welfare Manager
  • Employment Counselor
  • Federal/State Mediator
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Industrial Relations Director
  • Job Analyst
  • Labor Organizer
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Occupational Analyst
  • Personnel Consultant
  • Placement Manager
  • Training Specialist
  • Union Staff Representative


Matt Zentz, BS-LS

The Labor Studies degree has helped me advance within the Labor Movement. This degree can help those wanting a career in Labor Representation or those seeking to improve their work environment. Having all courses available online allowed for a flexible schedule while exposing me to a diverse group of great professors and students from every IU campus. The faculty were always eager to assist me in my educational planning, and since there are also summer courses available, I was able to complete a B.S. degree in 3 years while working full time. The faculty always encouraged lively and civil debate so every idea and voice could be expressed. I can truly say that not only did I receive a great education, but I am also a better person because of the wonderful people within the Department of Labor Studies.

Margo Rout, BS-LS

The Labor Studies program has given me a solid scholastic foundation to supplement my work experience in Labor Relations Management. The curriculum allows insight to everyday real life work experiences. Additionally, the program has allowed me to develop in my role by giving me a balanced outlook on labor-management relationships. I highly recommend this program.