Graduation is a very exciting time for all students.  It is a very special accomplishment that takes planning and completing various steps to ensure that students that have met the requirements walk across the stage.  

Submitting the graduation application, verifying the printed name for the diploma are the beginning processes in preparing for graduation.

  • All students planning to graduate must submit a graduation application (Please find the Graduation Application link at the end of this page). Students who have applied for graduation will have their degree audit reviewed to determine that all requirements are met.
  • Failure to meet the graduation application deadline will prevent your name from being printed in the Commencement and School Programs.
  • The name on the student’s official university record will be printed on the diploma. Please check One.IU to verify your Primary name. If a student wishes a different name printed, you must submit a Name Change Form and submit to the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible. 

  • Anticipated Graduation Date: This date is when all of your requirements will be finished INCLUDING YOUR PRACTICUM—NOT when you plan to “walk”.  All students may walk in the May ceremony, this includes May, June, August and December 2019 Graduates.
  • Per university policy, diplomas can only be released to the student and you must show a photo ID
  • All communication regarding graduation will be sent to the Student Listservs.  Please make sure that you receive List Serv messages via your university e-mail address.
  • In late February, the Alumni Office sends Commencement information to students who have submitted a graduation by the appropriate deadline.  The information includes web links to order cap, gown and invitations as well as contact information for the Commencement Office.

Specific information regarding the Commencement Ceremonies will be sent to the Student List Servs in February or March.

2019 Commencement Details